Privacy Policy

Alee Malic value its customers therefore, we ensure that the personal information of our customers is in safe hand and used properly at the time of need. Neither do we uselessly take their information nor share it. Here are some guidelines to make things clear for you that when and why we ask for your information and how we use it.

When Do We Ask For Personal Information?

We don't ask about your information when you surf our site. However, when you register on our site by allowing us to subscribe you for our updates-we collect your information. Moreover, when you place an order, leave a message on the customer service or comment section or enter similar information on our site, we ask for your personal information.

Why Do We Ask For Personal Information?

Rest assured that we never trade or sell our valuable customer's information. Moreover, we strictly condemn any illegal or unethical use or sharing of your personal information with vendors, affiliates, or advertisers. We might, with your explicit consent, share a bit of general information like demographics or gender.  However, our asking for your personal information is solely to elevate your experience with us.

What Personal Information Do We Ask?

With our customer's consent, when they visit our site and register on it, we ask them to enter their:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email
  • Contact Number
  • Billing address or credit card information

How We Use Your Personal Information?

The sole purpose of collecting your information is to make your shopping experience better. Here are ways in which we utilize your information and the reason why we collect it?

  • Contact you in case of occurrence of any problem while the delivery of your purchased items.
  • Keep you updated with the shipping process of your purchased items.
  • Keep you informed about the sales, offers and new arrivals.
  • Process your transactions as a result of your purchase.
  • Safely deliver your purchased items to your shipping address.

Moreover, we keep your information with us as long as it is required. Later, when it is not of any use to us, we delete your information.

Terms and Conditions

Alee Malic solely keeps the right to change the prices or other modifications without notice. We are not answerable to anyone or any third party.

Here, the terms "we", "our" and "us" refer to Alee Malic.

When you agree to our terms and conditions policy, you agree to provide us with the right information about you. In case of any wrong information, the company would not be held liable for the consequences.